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What’s In a Mac? An Entire World, According to This Poster

In 2011, the Internet blew up with images from a clever ad campaign by a German recruiting agency, which showcased people slaving away inside everyday machines. The campaign featured a guitarist shoved into a jukebox, a barista crammed into a coffee vending machine, and bank tellers calculating sums inside of versatel. It seems people love the idea of human-powered machines.

Inspired by the ad, UK Design company Dorothy’s new Apple-themed print takes the concept to 11.

Their latest print depicts a tiny tech-utopia housing hundreds of mini workers inside a 1984 prototype Apple computer. The cutaway print shows the inside of the machine, housing five floors of work and play space, including offices, a patio with a pool, a helipad, a discotheque, and the lifeblood of any start up: a caffeine-filled coffee shop.

Every look at the print reveals some hidden detail you hadn’t seen before, many of which are  nods to Apple culture and history. According to FastCo.e, there are 29 labeled Apple references and even more left unmarked for viewers to find on their own.

Because Apple often sets standards for the tech industry, it’s no surprise that elements of the print also mirror practices of others in the industry. The illustration gives us a glimpse into an environment most tech startups strive toward, one that encourages productivity by incorporating activities that increase creativity.

All we can say is damn, Dorothy! Can we get a print?

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To see more, go to their website.

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