Warsaw in Watercolor: Painter Creates Dream City

Poland native Tytus Brzozowski is a dreamer, and it really shows in the pictures he paints. An architect and watercolorist, Brzozowski creates whimsical paintings of his hometown of Warsaw, Poland. In his city of dreams, Brzozowski imagines a world full of narrow streets, decorative buildings, and monumental towers.

Warsaw Watercolor

Brzozowski incorporates features of Warsaw in his paintings, provoking feelings of familiarity. In order to create his whimsical worlds, Brzozowski says he “looks for stratifications of history, collates buildings from different places and times.” Each of his watercolors incorporates unusual elements, such as dice and teapots, which add to the fanciful nature of his paintings.

Check out more of his work here.

Warsaw Watercolor Warsaw Watercolor Warsaw Watercolor Warsaw Watercolor

[Via: This Is Colossal]

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