Insanely Teeny Tiny Ink Drawings Smaller Than the Tip of a Pencil

As an illustrator and owner of 1924, a menswear and lifestyle brand, Christian Watson travels the country, frequently posting pictures of his adventures on Instagram to feed his many followers’ wanderlust. And along with his many adventure photos, Watson occasionally posts images of his miniature ink drawings, most of which are no larger than half an inch.

Ink Drawings

Pulling in aspects of his travels, Watson incorporates log cabins, animals, and lighthouses into each of his drawings. The ink sketches are integrated with the tips of pencils, making them seem as if they are just extensions of the writing utensil or drawn to crawl off the tips of Watson’s fingers using tools made before the 1940s.

Ink Drawings

Watson is a brand builder and curator of inspirational conversation and content. For Watson, his art and social media presence are tools to give tips on finding happiness, success, and fulfillment in any lifestyle and career.

Check out more of his work here.

Ink Drawings Ink Drawings Ink Drawings Ink Drawings

[Via: This Is Colossal]

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