Q&A With Duct Tape Artist Extraordinaire, Slava Ostap

Slava Ostap, a Ukrainian native, is vocal about social, religious, and political issues. But his communication method is rather unexpected; he primarily sends his messages with duct tape.

AK47 tape art

Some of the Ostap’s art is less political, and more about pushing the boundaries of what can be done with tape, such as his pieces that riff on cultural icons like Mike Tyson and the work of Vincent Van Gogh:

mike tyson tape art

van gogh tape art

We caught up with Ostap to learn more about him and his art.

How would you describe your tape art, in two words or less?

Different and innovative, because with every project I try to invent and create something new—a new technique, trick, or practice.

tape art ostap

How did you get inspired to work with tape as a medium?

It happened by accident. I discovered the Klebeland stand at a Berlin flea market. For the first time, I saw the diversity of tape colors. So I immediately thought, “Wow, I’m going to make a work of art out of it! I discovered/created a new style!”

klebeland tape

A few weeks later, my first work of art made out of tape was ready, the guys from Klebeland were my friends, and I knew that I wasn’t the first one with the idea to do art using tape. But my new friends introduced me, as well as other tape artists before me, to this scene and we all like working together.

You also do graffiti art. Which do you prefer, and why?

I wouldn’t want to decide between spraying and tape. Both are very important to me. For example, during the winter I am almost only using tape. Then I realize after a little time how much I miss spray. And in summer the opposite. I need this change—it fulfills me and makes me happy, content.


What’s your favorite tape project to date?

I prefer some of my first tape-art projects. For example, my first room installation Portable Tornado

tape art tornado

Also, my first street art project with tape, God bless you, Berlin.

tape art bench

Or one of my first pictures made out of packing tape, Feel. Little, spontaneously created 3D pieces like My Way, Move, or Scream are also close to my heart. 

tape art

What do you do if you having trouble feeling creative?

I take a break – spend time with my family, go to galleries and museums, help other artists with their projects. Or, as I mentioned, take a break from tape art and do graffiti or the other way around. When I realize that I am not coming forward creatively, it’s a sign to me that the time has come to relax. 

To see more of Ostap’s work, you can visit his website. Or, check out other awesome tape creations:

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