Mom Turns Boring Food Into Incredible Pop Culture Icons

Malaysian mom Samantha Lee is not your average artist. She creates colorfully cute edible works of art for her two daughters that will make you want to play with your food. In her latest series of adorable edible transformations, Lee makes almost too-cute-to-eat versions of her favorite pop stars.

Pop Culture Food Art

Lee makes everything from cartoon characters, such as Wall-E and Wilma Flinstone, to notable icons like Audrey Hepburn and Frida Kahlo. Utilizing edible materials, such as rice and an omelette to create Adele, ears of corn to make the minions from Despicable Me, and green soup and vegetables for Monster’s Inc.’s Mike Wazowski, Lee is able to construct charming works of art that you won’t want to eat.

Pop Culture Food Art

Lee started making her edible creations in 2008 but didn’t start sharing them until 2011 on Instagram. Since then she has amassed a loyal following and earned partnerships with companies such as HP, Food Network, and Unilever. She is also currently working on her first book, My World Is Full Of Fun, that will surely be a delight for fans.

Check out more of her edible arrangements here.

Pop Culture Food Art Pop Culture Food Art Pop Culture Food Art Pop Culture Food Art Pop Culture Food Art Pop Culture Food Art

[Via: My Modern Met]


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