Photographer Bends, Folds, and Flips the World into Dreamy Photos

Laurent Rosset, Italian architect and photo manipulator, creates surreal landscapes that look more like images from a dream than everyday life. Rosset’s motto of creating one’s dream is ever present in this series of images as the landscapes twist and bend, creating dreamy Inception-like scenes that will boggle your mind.

Dreamy Snow Landscape

Starting with his own photos, though he sometimes collaborates with other photographers, Rosset creates new worlds just by reshaping the images, thereby constructing new realities that were only once possible in dreams. Rosset explains his work:

“When I see through my camera, I imagine how that picture could be more than what it is. With my edits I try to bring the possibilities of dreams in everyday situations, making my pictures the key to enter in a new adventure. I believe that an image can be the beginning of an adventure or a dream and it can transform an ordinary situation into something extraordinary.”

Dreamy Beach

The disorienting perspective that Rosset creates with his images offers a glimpse into a dreamy world where truly anything is possible.

Check out more of his work here.

Dreamy Twist Dreamy Green

[Via: My Modern Met]

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