Clever Designer Turns Bicycle Parts into a 3D Typeface

London-based CG and motion designer Marcel Piekarski is no novice when it comes to creating beautifully animated pieces of work. In his latest design, Piekarski has created a new typeface called Type-Cycle that uses bicycle parts to complete the letters of the alphabet.

bicycle parts A B

Utilizing Cinema 4D and After Effects, Piekarski animated the bike parts of each of the letters to display the various components, which he explains was the most difficult part of the project. “From a technical point of view, modeling the bicycle parts was the hardest. You can see all the little details in the breakdown (where all the parts lay on the floor),” he says.

Bicycle Parts G

Piekarski began the project by designing the letter B, and from there it grew and soon the entire alphabet was brought to life with Piekarski’s brilliant animation.

Check out more of his work here.

[Via: Design Taxi]


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