Painter Uses Gravity to Create Vibrant Pour Paintings

Move over Pollock, there’s a new dripper in town, and his work is even trippier. Artist Holton Rower combines the force of gravity with gallons of paint to create vibrant pour paintings—think spin art on a much grander scale,with less spinning.His pieces will make you long for the flower power of the ‘60s.

Holton’s work is very much a product of its environment. He experiments with different plywood formations at different heights and in a variety of colors. The most fascinating aspect is that not even the artist knows exactly how the product will turn out.

With help from assistants, Rower pours gallons of acrylic paint mixed with different elements, such as sparkles and opalescence, to add more texture. The finished product is a rainbow pancake, each crack and swirl adding more character to the piece.

Videos of the artist at work are as entrancing as the paintings themselves. Dave Kaufman’s time-lapse videos of the creation process highlight the patience involved. But the end result is very worth it. Despite their fluid appearance, the pieces that seem to be dripping off the walls are, in fact, dry.

Each technicolor creation feels like falling down a radical wormhole, and I am so down for the trip.

pour paintings

pour paintings

Pour Paintings

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