These Sculptural Journals Are Almost Too Pretty to Write In

Normally people say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but when you’re talking about the journal covers of Aniko Kolesnikova, it’s hard to look at them and not be immediately drawn to what secrets they might hold. Kolesnikova, otherwise known as Mandarin Duck online, creates beautifully hand-crafted covers for journals with polymer clay, which she molds and shapes into fantastical images of animals set within intricate backgrounds.

Fox Journals

The 3D journal covers are all handmade by Kolesnikova and completely bespoke. Sculpting images of dragons, owls, and elephants, she has amassed a loyal fanbase who enjoy her whimsical creations.

Elephant Journals

Kolesnikova works out of a studio in London, where she creates these detailed covers for customers, each completely unique and custom-made. Before creating the moniker Mandarin Duck in 2009, Kolesnikova work at a fashion studio until she decided to leave her job after she became more well-known online for her YouTube tutorials and crafting. Now she works on her tutorials and creations full-time, hoping to connect and inspire others.

Check out more of her work here.

Dragon Journals Frog Journals Dog Journals

[Via: My Modern Met]

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