Désenchantement, an illegal street installation beneath Paris, by Radouan Zeghidour

Illegal Art Installations Left Behind as Relics Beneath Paris

Anywhere can be a gallery when you’re Radouan Zeghidour. The artist has an ongoing series that offers an inherently haunting quality to its pieces, given that they’re illegal street installations beneath Paris. Indeed, deep within the City of Lights, Zeghidour weaves his way through French capital sewer systems, working tediously and carefully for up to a month, to create these eerie installations that are left in the dark to be discovered by underground workers like sacred relics.

“It’s a kind of investigation,” Zeghidour has said. “I place cigarette butts inside door locks, wedge things underneath the door, and place objects along hallways and passageways. Then I come back later to see if they’ve moved, and when. I also research the locations extensively, and try to see if any construction work is planned along the subway lines. I try and find out workers’ hours, and those of security as well. I also plan an emergency exit, in case something goes wrong.”

See his piece called “Desenchantement” and the lengthy process subterranean adventure below.

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