Alien-Like Sculptures Drip Off Shelves

There’s nothing worse than being in a fancy contemporary art museum and feeling the urge to touch the exhibits. Before you tame your inner 4-year-old, check out these sculptures by artist Dam Lam, who lets you look and touch!

Although these sculptures look like something that crawled out of a spaceship, they were hand-crafted on this planet. These funky flubber-like sculptures are made with a combination of polyurethane foam, acrylic paint, and epoxy resin.

Lam begins her sculpting process by allowing the polyurethane foam to take shape, only gently guiding the formation process. She then dots the figure with colorful epoxy resin, and finishes by layering on acrylic paint. These sculptures hang off the edge of shelves and appear to be under the influence of gravity, but once they’ve dried they are solid forms.

“I take cues from nature, food, and the human body. By not directly referencing one thing in particular, I try to create something that addresses both attraction and repulsion, making objects that exist in between. Those ideas drive the work and generate new pieces, but I think process and play informs what I make just as much,” Lam told the Creator’s Project.

Thunder Thighs

Pretty but Awkward

Dark Meat

Cat Tongue

Baby Alien

Check out more of Lam’s work and see her creative process on Instagram.

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