You’d Never Guess This Cocktail Dress Is Made Entirely of Mushrooms

In case you didn’t know, according to the Council for Textile Awareness 21 billion pounds of textile waste ends up in landfills every year in the U.S. alone. Textile designer Aniela Hoitink is aiming to solve this problem by designing clothes from 100% biodegradable material, including an impressive and unusual dress.

Hoitink used 350 disks of mushroom root to create a cocktail dress suitable for any occasion. The material took less than two weeks to grow in a petri dish, made especially for the garment.

The artist experimented for over a year with different processes to create the perfect material. “I developed a recipe that means after drying it still remains flexible,” she told Oddity Central. Once the disks are dried they are nontoxic, water-resistant and fire-proof. She called the final product MycoTEX.

Because of the nature of the material (pun intended), no needles or thread are necessary. If the wearer wants to alter the dress and make it longer or add sleeves, all that’s needed are more mushroom disks. Simply layering them on will attach them.

“It’s about sustainability and people buying clothes in a good way. People might be frightened by the idea of wearing something made out of fungi, but it doesn’t feel like a mushroom. Most people say it feels like paper. It’s comfortable and nice to wear,” Hoitink says.

Mushrooms as material

Mushrooms multiple angles

mushrooms being grown

Mushrooms layered together

close up of mushrooms

top of dress




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