Fantastically Detailed Dog Portraits Made with Only Pen and Ink

Latvia-based graphic artist and illustrator Alex Konahin has always been known for his intricately ornamental style. Using a dip pen and India ink, Konahin creates highly detailed pieces of work filled with complex decorations and flourishes. In his latest series of dog portraits, this technique is exemplified in the ornate illustrations of dogs’ fur. 

dog portraits

The drawings for this series first came about when Konahin was going through an artistic roadblock. After spending some time away from doing any personal creative work, Konahin was having trouble creating any new illustrations. It wasn’t until he completed his first portrait of an English Bulldog that the creative juices began to flow. He followed up his first drawing with one of a German Shepherd, which he explains helped him to feel more comfortable with his skills after such a long period away. As he continued to create more dog portraits, his confidence grew with each illustration, until he reached creative freedom.

Check out more of his work here.

dog portraits dog portraits

[Via: This Is Colossal]

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