This Awesome Video Game Lets You Make and Visualize Your Own Music

Designer James Morrow is no stranger when it comes to creating innovating interactive games. In his latest project titled Phasing, Morrow takes the concept of making music and combines it with the idea behind video gaming to create something entirely new. Phasing, although dubbed a video game, is more about creativity than competition. Morrow says the game is about seeing and making music more than anything else.


Phasing allows musicians and non-musicians alike to visualize the process of music making, making it more accessible to everyone. Through a simple interface, users are able to find a multitude of ways to visualize music, which makes it easily understandable for non-musicians.

Phasing Video Game

The project was inspired by a piece called Piano Phase by American Composer Steve Reich, in which two pianos start by playing identical 12-note melodies until one of the pianos begins to speed up, creating interesting new harmonies with the second pianist. Like Piano Phase, Morrow’s project allows the user to create the melody, which the computer plays back using two pianos to play two identical copies with one eventually speeding up. The whole experience allows the user to interact with the game visually and auditorily.

Check out more of his work here.

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