"How Ink is Made," by The Printing Ink Company

See How Ink Is Made in This Beautifully Hypnotizing Video

There’s an extraordinary number of things you’ve wondered how were made and there’s likely a chance ink has been one of them, if only for a moment. Who doesn’t wonder how just about everything gets made? Besides, ink has been a glossy means of everything from communication to art for you. So when a video reveals the production process of the gooey goods, paired with a classical music soundtrack, it’s not exactly something you turn down. It instantly becomes something that intrigues you.

Behold Chief Ink Maker Peter Welfare, a gentleman who adores and respects the process, explaining how color and ink come to be from raw ingredients, such as “powder, varnish, and passion.” Instances like this with individuals like Welfare take you from someone who knew nothing of a craft or trade and transforms you into a brief info junkie who starts spiraling down an educational rabbit hole.

Well, let’s just kick that right off. Let’s get you curious and informed by watching the wonderful video below.

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