New Campaign Creates 3D Replicas of Endangered Species

Young & Rubicam Paris, a marketing and advertising company, has created powerful images that depict the irreversible nature of killing wildlife. The series is part of a campaign for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), whose goal is to protect and rescue animals globally. The intent of the images is to show the contrast between technologies, such as 3D-printing, that can be used to build and construct new matter, and the frailty and of animal life, something that is not so easily replaceable.

3D Whalele

The animals featured in the digital design include a whale, orangutan, and elephant with parts of their body exposed underneath a 3D-printer attempting to rebuild the tendons and tissue. The powerful composition of the images depicts the impossibility of ever being able to replace these animals and gives a feeling of hopelessness of the overall situation. The images are accompanied by a simple statement that reads “if only they were this easy to reproduce,” which further highlights the futility of trying to replicate and recreate these animals that, when gone, will never be replaced.

3D Orangutan

IFAW was founded in 1969 and since then, they have made efforts to save individual animals, animal populations, and habitats in over 40 countries. They provide hands-on assistance to any animal in need, be it dogs and cats, livestock, wildlife, or animals in need of rescuing following a disaster. Their hope is to create a world where animals are not only protected, but respected as well.

[Via: Design You Trust]

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