Eerie Sculptures Made Out Of Thousands Of Broken Pieces

Italian artist Graziano Locatelli is changing the notion of breaking down walls. Locatelli’s project of broken items features walls and earthenware shattering into thousands of pieces and the precise moment in which that occurs. Forms and figures emerge in impressive renderings as they seemingly break through their confines. Locatelli uses materials such as tile, cement, glue and metal plates in order to create the dramatic sculptures.

Broken Items

“During my childhood, I developed and intense and uncanny fascination towards broken objects,” says Locatelli. Since then, the manner in which objects break has been the main focus of his art. His sculptures illicit feelings of tension and unease as images seem to materialize from the thousands of bits and pieces.

Broken Items

In some of Locatelli’s pieces, distinct figures can be seen breaking through tiled walls, as if being birthed into reality. In others, subtle cracks give way to abstract outlines of the human face. Through his work, Locatelli is able to show the frailty of the human through the fragility of the objects.

Check out more of his work here.

Broken Items Broken Items Broken Items

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