Classic Deck

Artist Cuts Up Decks Of Cards to Create Delicate Paper Sculptures

Normally when someone asks you to cut a deck of cards they don’t mean literally. But Dan Levin, a found-object artist living in Santa Barbara, California, has been taking that sentiment to heart—literally.

Levin’s ongoing series Lonely Hearts is made up of 120 altered playing-card decks, and his collection is still growing.

Each deck features 52 strategically hand-cut cards. After slicing and dicing each deck, he glues them together in the stack to transform the decks into 3D images. The name of the series comes from the single heart featured at the base of every deck.

He told the Hartford Courant he suspects his attraction to decks of cards stems from a childhood of attempted magic tricks.

The decks come from all over the world, with some from Vegas, Scotland, San Francisco, and more. He’s collected the decks from various sources, including eBay and second-hand stores.

Levin is not limited to one medium, however. His motto of “one man’s trash is another man’s career” fuels his sculptures, which are featured on his tumblr.  

Dog Deck

Skull deck

Anderson Deck of cards

clown deck of cards

Scotland deck of cards

To own a one-of-a-kind piece from his ongoing collection, check out his etsy.

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