Warning: These LEGO Foods Will Make You Hungry as Hell

It’s no secret we’re suckers for interesting LEGO art. We’ve covered a functional life-size trailer, animal sculptures, fashionable handbagsLEGO paintings, and more. And just when we thought we’d seen everything that can be made from the colorful blocks, we came across the work of Japanese artist Tary.

A master builder, Tary’s specialty is turning LEGO blocks and bits into the most scrumptious-looking food. While any average Joe might be able to put together a “cake” block, Tary’s creations are next-level creative. The variety of foods is impressive, the perfect mix of super cute and clever. A rice bowl with shrimp features drizzled teriyaki sauce, each droplet made with an individual piece. A slice of pizza is covered in a variety of toppings and even drips with cheese. A bento box bursts with veggies. Even though it’s all dyed plastic, his craftsmanship is good enough to make you salivate.

And what’s more impressive is the level of detail in each piece. LEGO does sell food-specific pieces, but Tary’s are built entirely from scratch (pun intended). Look closely and you’ll see just how many pieces each of his “foods” are made with.

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To feed more of your cravings, check out his website.

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