Barista Experiments with Crazy, Colorful Latté Art

Pack your bags, people! There’s another reason to head to Vegas, and it involves rainbows—so you know it’s a good time. (No promises on the pot of gold, though.)

Since latté art took the caffeinated world by storm, coffee lovers have been enjoying espresso with images of animals, fictional characters, and even world leaders. But Barista Mason Salisbury of Sambalatte coffee shop in Las Vegas is changing the game by adding color to his latté creations.

Two weeks ago, Mason uploaded an image of a leafy-looking latte to Instagram with the caption, “My first attempt at this, and I got dye all over my hands.” He told the Huffington Post, since then he’s gained 17,000 followers.

The technique came about while training other baristas. He adds food dye to steamed milk to create the colorful concoctions.

You can see through his posts on Instagram, the more he experiments the more creative the designs become. His more recent designs are as beautiful as a peacock’s feathers, and just as colorful, too.

The best part? According to his Instagram, these beverages can be enjoyed without your teeth looking like you just devoured a Snapchat filter. If you’re not close enough to make a special trip to Sin City, follow his account for stills and videos of his designs.

colorful coffee

colorful coffee 2

colorful coffee 3

colorful pour

first colorful pour

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