Solar Runways In Brazil Creates A Safe Space To Play

Brothers Thomaz and Ramon Ballverdú are the founders of a project known as Solar Runways, installations that provide a safe space for children and adults alike to play out in the streets of Brazil while still being protected by the intense sun that Brazil is known for during the summer. The brothers designed the installations and worked with Biri Soda and Nissul Renault Dealership to implement their project in the main squares of Pelotas and Rio Grande de Sol.

Solar Runways

The brothers were inspired to design the project because they grew up playing in the streets of Brazil. “We wanted to find a form of entertainment that integrate people in the street, and at the same time protect whoever was playing [from] the strong sun, because […] at close noon [it] is very intense sun, and can be a health risk to both children and adults,” says Thomaz.

The Solar Runways use the sun’s light to create negative space that projects paths onto the ground below. The shade creates a safe space for children and adults to play while being protected by the sun’s harmful rays.

Solar Runways

When installing the runways, the brothers had to shift their placement around the squares several times in order to find the perfect position in relation to the buildings surround the squares, but now that the brothers have found the perfect location, they hope that the installations will remain permanently.

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