Dancing Drones And Colored Smoke Will Make You Believe In Magic

Filmmaker Paul Trillo’s latest project, Chromaticity, is the perfect combination of technology and art that works together to create something beautiful and breathtaking. Using drones fitted with colored smoke bombs, Trillo, with the help of his friend Brian Streem of Aerobo, filmed them dancing in flight, creating bursts of color that fill the sky. By filming the smoke trailing through the sky and removing the drones in post-production, Trillo was able to produce the illusion of smoke seemingly twisting and weaving in a choreographed dance without any type of aide.


Trillo decided to create Chromaticity because he wanted to find an artistic way to use drone technology. “The main intention here was to create a gestural piece, looking for a more poetic way to use the technology that combines painting, sculpture, and performative arts,” he says. The outcome is something that is both haunting and magical.

When initially setting out to film the piece, Trillo felt that seeing the actual drones in the piece felt “odd” and visually less intriguing, so he went through the painstaking task of removing the drones from every shot. “People were unaware of [the] intense technical stunt of coordinating four drones in the air simultaneously. Ultimately, it’s about the feeling it creates for the viewer and not how it was done,” he says.

Check out more of his work here.

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