Animated GIFs Capture Personalities of Famous Buildings

If walls could talk, what would they say? Well, imagine if entire buildings could talk; what if they had personas and thoughts and feelings? This isn’t some Lewis Carroll-themed acid trip, it’s the concept behind designer and illustrator Michael William Lester’s series of GIFs titled Character Building.

On his Behance Lester says, “good architecture interacts with its surroundings. It gives off energy, sparks interaction, and pulls so much life in that the building itself lives and breathes.”

In this series, that’s exactly what the buildings do. Lester brings to life 20 famous structures from across the globe. Their personalities shine through animated GIFs.

Along with each animation is a small bio for the buildings, detailing their location, height, and function.

For example, the GIF featuring the Ryugyong Hotel depicts the building meditating patiently while checking its watch. The hotel, located in the capital of North Korea, has never actually housed any guests and despite looking quite grandiose on the outside remains undeveloped on the inside.

GIFs leadenhall

The Leadenhall Building, London

GIFs of Eureka

Eureka Tower, Melbourne

Central Park GIFs

One Central Park, Sydney

Ryugyong GIFs

Ryugyong Hotel , Pyongyang

To get to know more of the building’s personalities, check out Lester’s entire collection.

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