The Agony Of Waiting For Your Crush’s Text Reply

The pain and agony of waiting for a crush to return a text message is a feeling that anybody can relate to all too well. For Singapore artist Zo Fan, it is something that she has experienced enough times to know and understand the anguish and anxiety that comes with the waiting. What Are We Waiting For is her cinemagraph series, a “reflection of literally what I was going through when I found myself besotted with my first crush,” she explains.

The sudden realization of “I have feelings for you” was the first step in what was an agonizing trip through the stages of emotions for her. “It was the first time I ever understood what this sentence meant and the first time I ever felt the pressing need to tell someone this,” she says. Fan explains that what came next was actually a combination of agony, frustration, irritation, feelings of embarrassment, and an overall feeling of unhappiness whenever her crush would reply to a text.

What Are We Waiting For is a “tribute to all the youthful ‘innocence’ we once experienced, giving all our feels to that one single person. I just want the other kids going through this now to know they are not alone,” Fan says.

Check out her progress as she continues her work here.

Waiting Light

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