Skaters Ride Through Colorful Dust Clouds In Epic Slow-Motion Video

Kuma Films’ motto, “this world is full of awesome and we want to show you,” is the essence of  the recent collaboration between the studio and Darren Dyk of Beyond Slow Motion, a YouTube channel dedicated to producing creative slow-motion videos. Working together to create something unique and beautiful, they filmed skateboarders Jason Bastian, Jonathan Bastian, and Ryan Thompson as they skated and jumped with small piles of colored dust on their boards.

Slow-Motion Skateboard Blue-Red

Dyk shot the footage at a framerate of 240 FPS using a Sony FS700 camera, resulting in a mesmerizing slow-motion video that shows the skateboarders performing tricks across colorfully stained asphalt, turning the small piles of dust into vibrant clouds of color encompassing the skateboarders’ legs and boards. It kind’ve makes you want to grab a board and go nuts.Slow-Motion Skateboard Start

Slow-Motion Skateboard Green-Yellow Slow-Motion Skateboard Yellow Slow-Motion Skateboard Purple

[Via: Laughing Squid]


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