Wall Paintings Trick You Into Thinking They’re Sculptures

Truly Design, a collection of urban artists, created several mind-boggling installations at MEF Museo Ettore Fico in Torino, Italy. Inspired by the works of Florence Henri, László Moholy Nagy, El Lissitzky, and Josef Albers, Truly Design created The Truth and Where You See it From, an exhibition that “showcases the recent outcomes of our aesthetic and poetic studies, now focused on the relationship between geometrical abstraction and urban space,” they explained.

Truth Process

MEF, formerly an industrial complex, was re-developed and is now considered an important part of the cultural community. The creators say the Truth project is “the resulting anamorphic abstraction [as it] relates to MEF’s architecture throughout a common visual language shaped by minimalist geometric designs, as well as throughout the common fate which binds us to the museum: from abandoned factory to art.” The site-specific pieces are abstract geometrical shapes that rely on the viewer’s position in relation to the architecture of the urban space. Each object is painted onto the walls of the former factory, but with arrangement, they seem to float in mid-air above the empty space.

Check out more of their work here.

Truth Purple Truth Orange


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