No Glasses Needed: This “3D” Music Video Jumps Off The Screen

South African native Darryl Alan Marks is an aspiring musician and filmmaker who aims to “create some of the most original music videos ever seen and to create powerful, raw, original music for the world to enjoy and be entertained by.” Marks, a self-taught filmmaker and audio engineer recently released the music video for the single “Love Sex Freedom Fire,” from his debut album of the same name, which he describes as the “world’s first ‘no glasses needed’ 3D music video.” The visual technique, first popularized in the form of 3D GIFs on the Internet, uses optical tricks to make items “pop” in frame.

Marks explains that he put a lot of hard work into the video and the music. Being self-taught, he had to watch hours of tutorials in order to film, edit, and create special effects for the video (not to mention the fact that he wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered the song in a small makeshift film and audio studio in his home).

“It has taken a lot of time and effort, and I have done it because I want to entertain the world, share my vision, and share my art,” he says. With no additional help from other directors and songwriters, Marks hopes to create more ground-breaking viral music videos in the future, with concepts that have never been seen before.

Check out his other work here.

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