Hand-Painted Music Video, by Boris Seewald

You’ll Likely Watch This Hand-Painted Music Video Over and Over

Even if the song wasn’t your jam, or was until you eventually got tired of it, A-ha’s “Take On Me” had one of the greatest videos of all time. The animation was so intriguing, it stayed with you. 3,000 rotoscoped frames spun your eyeballs and you look back on it as a pioneer. Decades later, stylish animation in music videos snags your attention just the same, if not more so, with more contemporary, abstract aesthetics. Just behold Ralf Hildenbeutel‘s new music video for “Disco.”

Made from 1,200 hand-painted frames, the Boris Seewald-directed video utilizes the rotoscoping technique as well, disguising dancers dancers Althea Corlett and Simone Schmidt in a colorful parade of evolving artistic styles, from marker lines to splattered watercolors, offering the impression that dancing is a superpower.

Animated by the director himself, along with Miwha Seewald and Mina Suri Seewald, as well as aided by videographer Georg Simbeni, the video is a dazzling masterwork that sucks you in and keeps you there.

See the transfixing music video below.

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