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13,000 Nails Make the Most Epic Justin Timberlake Thread Portrait

Incase you haven’t heard, Justin Timberlake will be singing on the soundtrack of the animated movie Trolls, out this fall. But if you can’t wait until September to get your Timberlake fix, check out this fan art made entirely of nails and string.

Ukrainian artist Zenyk Palagnuik channeled his inner handyman and pounded over 13,000 nails into drywall to create a life-like portrait of JT’s lovely mug.

He began by sketching Timberlake’s face on the canvas in graphite,then started hammering away. He couldn’t have brought sexy back without using 15 miles of thread to connect all those nails. (Yes, 15 miles!) The geometric game of connect the dots creates shading and depth that’s difficult to master with paper and charcoal let alone on a wall with construction tools.

After nearly 200 hours the masterpiece was finished; Palagnuik appropriately titled it “For Justin Timberlake.”  

The entire process was filmed by Palagnuik’s friend, Vova Zagranovsky, who edited the lengthy process down to a 3½-minute video.

Whether or not Justin reached out to the fan remains unknown. But personally, I wouldn’t snub a dude who’s that good with a hammer.

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