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Photojournalist Captures Eerie Decay of Disney World’s Defunct Water Park

Ghost stories and trespassing signs don’t deter photojournalist Seph Lawless. The self-proclaimed Artivist (activist and artist) has traveled around the globe and achieved near-celebrity status for his photos of abandoned locations. (See his photos of abandoned malls here.)

His most recent work documents the decay of Disney World’s first-ever water park, River Country, in Orlando, Florida. Shortly before its 30th anniversary the park was closed; it has slowly decayed over the past decade.

The photos, which look like stills from a post-apocalyptic thriller, document nature’s will to reclaim its territory.

The project held deeper meaning to Lawless, who told Buzzfeed, “I think Disney World symbolizes an ugly side of capitalism in America, and I think because of that some people would enjoy seeing it crumble to the ground.”

Lawless, whose real name remains unknown, has been photographing abandoned American cities since 2005.

He’s published over a dozen books featuring his work. His ongoing project, Autopsy of America, grows with each abandoned structure he visits.

Check out his gallery for more.

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