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Algorithms Turn Computers Into Composers In This Audio Installation

Algorithms create rhythms you can dance to, and it’s just as cool as it sounds.

Students and alumni from the University of the Arts Bremen and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design have combined computer technology and musicality to create the “Automatic Orchestra.”

The orchestra is comprised of 12 synthesizers. Each synth is equipped with sensors and programmed with an algorithm allowing for a degree of unpredictability. It’s this unpredictability that allows original music to be made.

One unit may alter the tempo while another changes the octave. The changes made depend on the artist who programmed each synthesizer, giving each computer a human touch.

With each tweak the tune transforms. The result? A variety of dreamy and dancey instrumental jams, fit for your study or the club.

The project was exhibited last April at the Resonate Conference in Belgrade, Germany, but all the tracks created by the Automatic Orchestra are available for your listening pleasure on soundcloud.

Be forewarned: These robots will make you do the robot.

algorithms making music

Here’s a photo from the Automatic Orchestra’s performance at the Resonate 2015 conference in Belgrade, Serbia.

[Via Wired]


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