3D Animated GIFS Manipulate Faces in the Trippiest Ways

We’ve seen plenty of facial manipulations over the years, from makeup artists transforming their faces into album covers to the tool that manipulates faces in YouTube videos to say whatever you want. Whether it’s a canvas or a reconstruction, in the hands of Czech graphic designer Adam Pizurny the face becomes something else entirely.

In his 3D animation experiments, Pizurny creates unnerving GIFs that make faces do things you’d only ever see on an acid trip. A head pops like a balloon, a face swishes and ripples like water or turns into honeycomb. On endless loop, each GIF is strangely entrancing, even when the content makes your skin crawl.


To create these oddities, Pizurny starts with a 3D facial scan. Then he uses digital tools to alter them in unusual ways.

“I just play with object in 3D, giving it characteristics which it doesn’t have in reality, wondering what happen, until it looks interesting,” he told The Creators Project. “It’s kind of relaxation for me.”

While it may be relaxing for him, viewers may have a different visceral experience when viewing the work, which only proves Pizurny’s skill. None of his GIFS look like a cheesy computer graphic. They may be freaky, but they’re freaking good.




Check out more at Pizurny’s site.

Via The Creators Project

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