Back Up Your Files to Celebrate World Backup Day

If you think forgetting to press “save” on a document is frustrating, imagine losing all your digital files. It happens far too often these days. Consider that 1 in 113 smartphones is lost or stolen every minute and 30% of people have never backed up their files. Whether you’re a mom with an iPhone full of kid pics or a small business owner, backing up your data is essential; unfortunately, it’s also easy to forget to do. That’s why we’re celebrating World Backup Day today, the annual holiday created by a ragtag team of Redditors who want to remind everyone on March 31st not to be an April fool.

“We all know someone who has lost critical data, whether it was their videos, photos, music, book reports, or personal stuff,” says World Backup Day founder Ismail Jadun. “I hope that World Backup Day sparks conversations about the enormous task of saving our digital heritage for future generations.”

Not sure how to backup your files? You can do it two ways: put them on an external drive or store them in the cloud. It’s your choice. Just remember to do it, and do it regularly. If you still need convincing, check out this video.

For more info, check out the World Backup Day site.

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