This Embroidered Bread Is More Arty Than You Think

Here’s some bread you can enjoy, even if you’re gluten-free.

For Slovakian textile lover Terézia Krnáčová, thread is as important as air or food. To honor this obsession, she created Everyday Bread, a simple project in which she elaborately stitches and weaves thread into slices of bread.

“My concept is [the] expression of my personal relationship with textile. I love textile art, and I can‘t live a day without it,” Krnáčová says.

The slices show off Krnáčová’s embroidery handiwork, from simple cross stitches and netting to more detailed weavings and loops. (She uses dry bread as it works as a firmer canvas.) It’s a simple execution but quite charming.

While it may seem novel to use bread as the canvas, the project is symbolic of how food and art are the things that truly sustain her. Even the number of slices embroidered is significant; she says she intentionally chose to display seven slices. Six are embroidered with different textile techniques, and the seventh is left unembroidered to represent Sunday, a traditional day of relaxation.

I guess you could say it’s her thread and butter. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)



Check out more of her work on Behance and on Instagram.

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