Collage Artist Uses Paper as Shrapnel to Create Shattered Portraits

Warning: You are now entering a no-Photoshop zone. That means no filters, no special effects. Instead, these portraits by Spanish artist Lola Dupre are made with the most old-school tools: scanner, printer, scissors, paper, and glue.

A master of collage, Dupre’s 2011 Shrapnel series shows her serious skill in deconstructing and reconstructing paper elements. Using black and white photographs, she shreds and then pieces together portraits of famous celebrities, from Nina Simone to Al Capone, and creates kaleidoscopic patterns.

The pieces are completely entrancing. Some appear as though they are viewed through shattered glass; others appear as blurry spectres. Each image is meticulously assembled to give the illusion that it was created from shards of shrapnel (hence the series name).


Exploded Al Capone/Lola Dupré



Exploded Nina Simone/Lola Dupré


Exploded Man Ray/Lola Dupré


Exploded Human Eye/Lola Dupré

And as if those weren’t impressive enough, just take a look at her workspace to get a sense of just how much time, energy, and detail goes into each piece. (For digital artists, it kind of makes you want to hold your Photoshop and never let it go.)


To see more of Dupré’s truly impressive work, check out her Tumblr, Behance, and website.

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