"Love Wins" by Andrew Myers

Love Conquers Evil in a Sculpture Made of 6,000 Handpainted Screws

Love is a force of near-mythical power that comes as soft as a breeze. In it, we find ourselves seemingly capable of anything. It gives us hope on bad nights and euphoria on good days. It empowers us to believe in the beyond and stare into the future like the unknown is curtains lifting on opening night. The great beams of light that radiate within a person with/in love cycle through the nervous system like a particle collider in order to recharge the heart as a minimum and rebuild a fortress in place of whatever lesser organ pulsated there before.

But it’s easy to forget that in a world of 24-hour news cycles that aim to build social media followings during an era of violence. But artist Andrew Myers wants to remind you that love is capable of stopping the worst actions that skulk through a human. His piece “Love Wins” may catch your eye as anti-gun artwork at first glance, but that’s far too narrow of a scope.

The message here is that love triumphs over evil, because it can and it does. With more than 6,000 screws adorning the 6’x4′ sculpture at different lengths, each one hand-painted individually, ultimately depicting a finger clogging the muzzle of a handgun, Myers reminds you that the world is capable of as much love as it is evil, and one is more powerful than the other.

As he explained to My Modern Met in an email, “Theres so much beauty in our world but theres always constant reminders of uncertainty, evil and fear. Its obvious that our world is in distress, it has been for a long time. I started imagining a new piece of art that would translate purity, pushing evil back.”

"Love Wins" by Andrew Myers


"Love Wins" by Andrew Myers"Love Wins" by Andrew Myers"Love Wins" by Andrew Myers"Love Wins" by Andrew Myers"Love Wins" by Andrew Myers

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