Scenes of Paper Art, by Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair

This Married Couple Creates Magical Scenes Through Backlit Paper Art

Glowing surreal like a dream, scene after scene of animals dazzle Instagram. The account @harianddeepti is the faraway destination of magical realism, thanks to graphic designer Hari Panicker and painter Deepti Nair, who take their talents to a collaborative pinnacle with intricate paper craft. (The two are also married.)

Working together with paper for six years will do that, make you a samurai with the paper blade. They’ve also figured out how to conjure up whimsical and stunning narratives through their light boxes. Based in Denver and Mumbai, the paper-cut artist couple has more in store for the future, continuously experimenting with paper and lights. They also sell prints of their seemingly golden-hour luminous work.

Check out their fascinating work below.

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