Light-Up Social Masks, by Skol Beats.

These Music Festival Masks Glow When Facebook Interests Match Up

Social media is a masquerade, whether you see it as a celebration or a devious facade. It bounces from treasured highlight reel to unknowing performance art, sometimes morphing our day-to-day realities into fantastical adventures. But the social aspect of it can mean using the digital to really connect with other human beings, and that has never been more dynamic than the recent creative projects from Skol Beats.

During this year’s Rio Music Carnival, the Brazil-based company distributed nearly 5,000 masks decked out with Bluetooth tech, in order to sync with the user’s Facebook profile. Then it immediately became the most real-time real-life adaptation of the online to the offline, as the masks would light up green or red as individuals passed each other, noting who was or wasn’t a match.

Though it sounds like a dating scene in Tron, the sort of accidental meetings amid clever disguises actually blended right into the the wild, colorful chaos of the festival. It was just a high-tech way to bring strangers together for a party (and sometimes much, much more).

Watch the video below to check out the very cool twist on the meet-cute, spun strange and epic in a carnival.

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