What Does Dyslexia Feel Like? This Site Shows You

Dyslexia is a disorder that makes it difficult to read and interpret words, letters, and other symbols. Anyone who struggles with dyslexia knows how frustrating it can be—but it’s even more frustrating to explain exactly what it feels like when letters transpose and words jump around the page.

This complaint was expressed to developer Victor Widell by a close friend of his who suffers from the disorder. So Widell got an idea: What if he could simulate the experience of dyslexia for those who don’t have it? With a simple script, he’s done it. His website presents simple text explanations about dyslexia, but the text appears the way it might to someone who is dyslexic.

Although the visual trick is not the universal experience of everyone who is dyslexic, it communicates the challenges faced in an impactful way to bring awareness, which we applaud. Take a look below.

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