Alice Cosplay, by Queen of Luna (on IG)

Crafty Makeup Artist Uses Hijab to Transform into Any Disney Character

By now, you’ve seen illustrations reimagining Disney characters as everything from tatted-up hipsters and anime characters to steampunk rebels and bayou carnies. So a new spin can be a challenge for a saturated creative space, but one Malaysian makeup artist is killing it by incorporating her hijab.

Under the Instagram alias of “Queen of Luna,” the self-described comic geek, Disney nerd, Tolkienite, and metalhead bounces from one Disney persona to the next, ranging from the tiny knowing-eyed Tinkerbell to the sinister and lanky Jafar. But it’s not just Disney in her repertoire. She’s also conquered members of the X-Men and Batman’s rogues gallery, racking up followers right and left along the way.

Check out her incredible transformations below.

??Tinker Bell?? Requested by @nyssaismadi. ? Just had to take this pic from a high angle so the bun can be seen. It’s actually an underscarf (hijab inner that has a bun in it) yes there’s such thing lol and worn with the gold satin shawl. I planned to do a more unique Tinker Bell look or a twisted version like @akhanartistry’s (she’s a very talented artist, you guys need to check out her amazing SFX looks) but I just didn’t have much time. ? #momproblems . #amazingmakeupart #muamalaysia #charactermakeup #disneyprincess #disneyvillains #makeupartistmalaysia #malaysianmakeupartist #hijabiqueen #hijabster #disneyprincesses #makeupdolls #fantasy #fairytale #faceart #hijabstyle #universalhairandmakeup #makeupgeek #maquillage #cosplayers #tinkerbelle #neverland #peterpan

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