Dying Comedian Has One Wish: To Film a Standup Special

While most comedians spend their lives trying to kill on stage, Los Angeles-based comedian Quincy Jones is dying.

In July 2015, Jones was diagnosed with stage-four Mesothelioma cancer, an incurable form of cancer, and given a year to live. It’s harsh and horrible news for anyone to hear, much less a 32-year-old. But like any good comedian, he is keeping his sense of humor alive—his dreams, too. Despite the grim prognosis, Jones is determined to do one last thing before he goes: Film a one-hour standup comedy special.

To help make his dream a reality, Jones and friends have launched a Kickstarter to raise enough money to shoot the special. As Jones explains in the project video:

My biggest fear used to be, before cancer…is the same one I have now: Dying without leaving anything. Dying before I have a chance to do the shit I want to do.

For seven years Jones has dedicated his life to standup, perfecting his craft around the country and at LA’s hottest comedy shows. Since his diagnosis, he has continued to pursue standup, despite the exhaustion of chemo.

Like anyone facing a terminal illness, Jones says his biggest concern is making his life meaningful. That’s why filming a one-hour special—every comedian’s dream—will be his legacy.

You want to feel like you’re giving something to the universe. You want to feel like you’re leaving something.

For creatives who makes excuses for why they can’t do what they want, let Jones be an inspiration.

To learn more about his story, watch his project video below. Head to his Kickstarter to donate to the special and visit his Gofundme page if you’d like to donate to his medical costs.

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