Kubrick in Color, by Marc Anthony Figueras

Watch How Stanley Kubrick Carefully Used Color to Evoke Everything in You

Starting an in-depth conversation about Stanley Kubrick’s filmography is just a step above clearing your schedule. To dive deep into the wild symbolism and crafty techniques of Kubrick is to discuss what makes film itself so alluring. The man was as much about his craft as he was inside it. He made films that explored his own philosophy and mental process, even though many were adaptations.

Kubrick dissected what it meant to be in the modern era, surrounded by war, technology, and the unexplainable beyond, whether that was space or sanity. He explored and explained how being human could be strange, magical, and, at times, terrifying. Most impressive of all, he showed you, by careful perfectionist detail, with all the capabilities of the silver screen, from music to color.

It is that latter offering of technique that made so many reactive emotions so immediate. He made you feel what it was to wonder, fear, and escape, as tones of heavy red or stylish black and white came into play. You were made to feel and he had no problem taking the time to give your nerves a run, thanks to a canvas screen that he treated with respect and thoughtful provocation.

His particular dependency on red, the furious ferocious beast that it is in the rainbow, inspired Rishi Kaneria to create his thematic supercut about Kubrick’s use of the color. That, in itself, inspired Marc Anthony Figueras to show audiences that it didn’t stop there, that Kubrick used many colors to conjure up feelings and atmospheres. Indeed, Figueras’s “Kubrick in Color” is a gorgeous evaluation of a filmmaker’s love of what the eyes can immediately give the heart.

Watch the short below.

Kubrick In Color from Marc Anthony Figueras on Vimeo.

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