Bon Appétit Magazine Shot Its March Issue with an iPhone 6S

It’s been an odd month for food photography. A simple photo of a potato sold for $1 million and now, Bon Appétit magazine is sending fine-art photographers into a tizzy with the announcement that 43 food porn-filled pages of its March issue were shot with—gasp!—an iPhone 6S. Surprised? So were the magazine’s photographers.

Chili cheese fries. Send help. Photo: Daymon Gardner

Photo: Daymon Gardner/Bon Appétit

According to the editors, the concept was inspired by the issue theme, the magazine’s first-ever “culture” issue. Naturally, as food photography has exploded on Instagram feeds everywhere, paying homage to the trend (however pedestrian you may consider it), seemed like the right fit. They reached out to their pool of photographers with the assignment, who were admittedly stunned. Some were incredulous; some were excited. But all were up to the challenge.

The result is impressive. (And, frankly, they could have fooled us.) Despite the constrictions of working with a smartphone, the photographers did an A+ job. Take a look at their work below, check out a Q&A with the issue’s photographers to get their thoughts on the challenge.

Chocolate-Avocado Pudding. You know you want some. Photo: Gentl & Hyers

Photo: Gentl & Hyers/Bon Appétit

Photo: Benjamin Rasmussen/Bon Appétit

Photo: Benjamin Rasmussen/Bon Appétit

Photo: Marcus Nilsson/Bon Appétit

Photo: Marcus Nilsson/Bon Appétit

Photo: Alex Lau/Bon Appétit

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