Woody, a short film by Stuart Bowen

This Short Film Will Give You Too Many Feelings About a Wooden Doll

Stuart Bowen’s stop-motion short Woody will tug at your heartstrings and carve up the rest of your red pulpy organ with muted drama. With no dialogue (or color, for that matter), the filmmaker’s quiet story of a wooden art mannequin dreaming of someday playing the piano is heartbreaking, given that the protagonist lacks fingers and is tragically aware of the fact. But, hey, sometimes you can’t keep a good mannequin down.

Shot over the course of two years in Sydney, Australia, and released in 2013, the moody masterpiece only recently came to the masses of the online world. From its set design to its costumes, Woody radiates with the patient craft of a ‘90s period piece, back when we all had attention spans and gorged on thoughtful, whimsical nostalgia. It takes its time and its detail is stunning.

Watch Bowen’s accomplishment below.

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