We Fix Your Advert

Twitter Account Transforms Advertisements into Brutally Honest Truths

The problem with advertisements is that they’re always selling you something. They’re like annoying friends you can’t stand (in concept, anyway), but kind of can’t stop inviting too. You’re just curious what they’re going to say next. Aaron Gillies and James Menzies, on the other hand, want advertisements to be honest with them—or, more accurately, they want to make fun of advertisements’ lack of honesty—so the two comedy writers created “We Fix Your Advert.”

A parody account on Twitter that’s already ramping up press talk, the silly mania of “We Fix Your Advert” began on January 18th with a tweet of the duo’s “fixed” Gourmet Burger Kitchen ad. Since then, the two Londoners have paid close attention to what’s discussed on social media and in what tone, carefully selecting which brands and campaigns are ripe for mockery.

The creative pair are brutally honest in their work, targeting ads that are just too awkward, straight-up untrue, or simply begging to be taken in the wrong direction. As Gillies told Mashable, “Everyone enjoys a brand being honest, so we thought we could just do that for them.”

Scope out these skewering goodies.

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