Museum of Bullying

This Museum Wants to Make Bullying a Lost Art Form

Bullying is by no means a trope left to Hollywood, nor is it only a problem within our borders. Indeed, a quarter of the United States population has been bullied in school, meaning bullying has likely happened to you, someone you know, or you were the bully. But the act of antagonizing another, to some degree, is part of human nature, and the Museum of Bullying aims to give the cruel hobby of cro-mags and showboats everywhere a decorated place in the past, stripping it of any presence in the future.

The brainchild of Lithuanian helpline Child Line and ad agency ENTER, the Museum of Bullying is an online exhibit showcasing the mean-spirited antagonism faced by the youths of Lithuania, which holds one of the highest rates of bullying in the world. The goal is to stir up powerful feelings inside bullies and victims alike, enabling them to recall or regret the dark days of their adolescence.

By facing their demons (or their history as one), individuals will hopefully become more aware that these sort of troubling issues are in no way isolated incidents from their own school days. Bullying is still very much a problem around the world and donations could help fund further initiatives. Whether it’s a backpack stuffed in a trashcan or post-it notes on a shirt, the Museum of Bullying offers simple creations that can make an impact and eventually lead to bigger change.

See for yourself.

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