This Photo of a Potato Sold for More than $1 Million

This is not just any photo of a potato. This image, called Potato #345, was taken by famed photographer Kevin Abosch in 2010 and sold to a European businessman for an impressive million euros (that’s $1,091,200 in dollars), Abosch told The Sunday Times last week.

It’s a simple photo that reflects Abosch’s style: a stark black background and a straight-on shot in high resolution. As for the potato itself, it was one of three potatoes photographed for the series, but the fate of the special star is unknown.


According to Abosch, the buyer spotted the print on Abosch’s wall and was instantly enamored of it. A few glasses of wine later they agreed on the sum. The pricetag is shocking, but it isn’t completely surprising considering that Abosch is a highly sought-after photographer whose portraits start at more than $200,000.

While it is a beautiful photo, if one can say that about a potato, we can’t say it’s necessarily worth the pricetag. Then again, this gives amateur photogs plenty of hope. Next time you whip out your smartphone to Instagram your food, you might make a million dollars.

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