Airbnb’s Ten Most ‘Wish Listed’ Rentals (They’ll Make You Need a Plane Ticket)

With offerings like river boats, treehouses or private apartments in the trendiest cities, it’s no surprise Airbnb is taking over the travel accommodation world. But with the plethora of inspiring destinations on the site, what are the rentals people find most inspiring?

Airbnb just released the numbers to answer that question. They detail the data behind the site’s ‘Wish List’ feature, where people can save places they’d like to stay.

What topped the list? Everything from slick but affordable accommodation in the heart of Rome, to modern off the grid pads in the desert. But what dominated the list was a LOT of tree houses.

Take a look at AirBnb’s top 10 most ‘Wish Listed’ rentals (with links because you know you want to stay…)

10) Off-grid itHouse – Pioneertown, California, United States

AirBnb Top 10 19

AirBnb Top 10 20

9) Brand New Mini Loft – Rome, Italy

AirBnb Top 10 17

AirBnb Top 10 18

8) Balian Treehouse with beautiful pool – Balian Beach, Bali, Indonesia

AirBnb Top 10 15

AirBnb Top 10 16

7) Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway – Topanga Canyon, California, United States

AirBnb Top 10 14

AirBnb Top 10 13

6) Mushroom Dome Cabin – Aptos, California, United States

AirBnb Top 10 11

AirBnb Top 10 12

5) Aroma(n)tica Treehouse – San Salvatore Monferrato, Alessandria, Italy

AirBnb Top 10 9

AirBnb Top 10 10

4) Unique Cob Cottage – Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

AirBnb Top 10 7

AirBnb Top 10 8

3) CasaBARTHEL – Tuscany, Italy

AirBnb Top 10 5

AirBnb Top 10 6

2) The Seashell House – Isla Mujeres, Mexico

AirBnb Top 10 3

AirBnb Top 10 4

1) Secluded in town Treehouse – Atlanta, Georgia

AirBnb Top 10 1

AirBnb Top 10 2

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