Is There Anything Duct Tape Can’t Do? This Artist Uses it to Create Street Scenes

You can use it to seal ducts, and it will fix just about anything, but Toronto-based artist Emanuel Pavao uses duct tape to create art. Along with some other tape varieties (like electrical, masking and packing) the unconventional artist creates urban street scenes that blur the line between reality and the surreal.

What lead the artist to choose such a different medium? He explains:

My interest in Tape Art was due in part to inspiration and the other part to frustration. I was inspired by the realist works of such artists as Chuck Close, Richard Estes, Alex Colville and Eric Zener but I was also not satisfied working with the mediums of oil, acrylic and watercolours. The work that a few installation artists were doing with tape attracted me to it and I felt that there could be more to this medium as a fine art.

emanuel pavao tape art 2

Usually starting with a photograph, Pavao’s work is both additive and subtractive. He applies tape to panel or canvas-board, but frequently removes portions with a knife to add further details. Once completed the works are permanently sealed with a clear epoxy resin.

Find more work from Pavao on his personal site. Also explore other artists working in tape, including the impressive real-world illusions by Aakash Nihalani.

emanuel pavao tape art 3

emanuel pavao tape art 4

emanuel pavao tape art 5

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emanuel pavao tape art 8

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