New Overlapping Worlds of Architecture from Cinta Vidal

Cinta Vidal paints tiny, interconnected worlds of architecture and nature. Her works explore the way humanity occupies space, sharing it with others while finding a niche to call their own. The Barcelona-based artist’s work sees architecture from Bauhaus, to contemporary and camping tents placed on every face of tiny planets. Here it’s impossible to separate one space from another, even if they’re on opposite sides of the world.

Vidal paints with acrylic on wood panel, fitting of the nature that infuses each imaginative piece. Ferns, cactus, and conifers sprout out of every unfilled space.

Vidal recently displayed four new works at Thinkspace Gallery at Scope Miami Beach, and will soon be showing at the LA Art Show from January 27 to 31. Find out more about her work in our previous coverage, or at

Cinta VIdal 2

Cinta VIdal 3

Cinta VIdal 4

Cinta VIdal 5

Cinta VIdal 6

Cinta VIdal 7

(via Colossal)

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